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Nov 4, 2013 10:30pm EST
. everyonee up costs for and negatively impacted programs solvency of like medicare. involving the anti-psychotic drugs and the necricore and other products. addresses ent allegations of conduct that put at risk some of the most vocal society, including the children, the elderly, and the disabled. he criminal information that as filed today, allege the johnson & johnson subsidiary violated the federal food, drug, cosmetic act by introducing market for the unapproved uses. it promoted the drugs for the psychotic symptoms exhibited by elderly, nonschizophrenic patients who suffered dementia although the okayed only to treat schizophrenia. johnson nd pharmaceuticals promoted the rugs to doctors and to nursing homes as a way to control disturbances in children as well as the the disabled. the companies downplayed the ealth risks associated with wisperdol including the risk of to ke and paid doctors induce them to prescribe the drugs. he companies allegedly played kickbacks to the largest long-term care pharmacy whose supposed to be the gatekeepers to provide an ndependent review of patient
Nov 5, 2013 1:30am EST
programs by medicare. this global settlement resolves multiple investigations involving the ente psychotic drugs and other johnson & ohnson products. the settlement also addresses allegations of conduct that recklessly put at risk the health of some of the most vulnerable members of our society including children, the elderly, and the disabled. the criminal information that was filed today alleges that the johnson and johnson subsidiary, janssen violated a drug for unapproved uses. clearly, they admit they use this drug to healthcare providers for the treatment of psychotic symptoms and associated behaviors. it was exhibited by the elderly, non-schizophrenic patients who suffered from dementia. even though the drug was proved -- approved only to treat schizophrenia. and separately filed complaints, johnson and johnson and janssen promoted ripodol to retirement homes. the companies allegedly downgraded the serious health risks associated with the drug including risk of stroke in elderly patients and even paid doctors to induce doctors to prescribe these drugs. this was part of a scheme and
Nov 16, 2013 7:00pm EST
millionaires do less. multinationals. reduce social security benefits and medicare coverage, cut student loans, cut veterans benefits, in best lesson education, invest less in affordable college, do less to combat crime -- climate change, do less on gun safety, do less on immigration, and keep people trying to survive on the minimum wage from ever earning another penny. the only think they want more of -- the only think they want more of is rush limbaugh. [booing] rush limbaugh is not an applause line here in new hampshire, i see. but the real and serious question we have to ask one tother, the question we have ask one another as americans is this. how much less do we believe would be good for our country? education would make our children smarter? how much less opportunity will allow the next generation to succeed? how many hungry american affordn can we no longer to feed? you know, on veterans day just tot week, i had occasion deal with some of our nations finest at the world war ii memorial at our nations capitol. i was very humbled to be in the presence of four recipients of the congressio
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3